Financial Management

Financial Management

Daunting for some, boring for others but essential for all

Financial management is simply the need to manage the money aspect of the business in order to see three things: whats happened in the past, whats happening now and what might happen in the future.

Firstly there are two types of accounting needed to be done in any business. These two types are what I call the legal/tax side and the other is the management side.

The main difference between the two different types of accounting are simple. The tax/legal side is necessary by law. Regardless of the size or legal status of your business certain accounting is legally necessary.

The management side of running a business is totally optional. You don't have to do it. is essential that you do do it. It needn't be complicated or difficult, in fact the simpler the better but if you don't do it, your business could be slowly sinking without you knowing or missing an opportunity to grow and expand. Neither of which you'll be able to see if you don't use effective management accounts.

Understanding the importance of Financial management and tailoring this understanding to the practical and circumstantial nature of your own business is key.

Whilst I am no accountant (and I have no desire to be) I am very passionate about the importance of financial management and this skill for business owners is essential.

What You Will Learn

On one of my courses you will learn:

The different between legal/tax accounting and managerial accounting

Understand the theory and importance of Cash Flow Forecasting,

How to apply these theories to your own business and its unique circumstances

How to look at the financial past present and future

Create your own managerial accounts

Courses Details

The course will run no matter how many people book on it so you can be safe in the knowledge that by booking a place you will be attending.

Central London Location.

Smallest class size in London.

Tailored To Your Business

I found it very frustrating that when I looked into understanding the key theories and practices behind financial management for my business, no one was able to help me apply it to my business and its own unique circumstances.

I have created this course to change that and make it easy for SMEs to apply financial managerial accounting to their business.

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