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Learning How To Sell is a life skill

The dictionary definition of how to sell is that it is the act of "exchanging a commodity for money". Whilst in a business sense, it is an exchange for money, in reality there is far more to it than someone handing over the cash.

My sales training covers all key areas of what someone needs to become an expert at sales.

What You Will Learn
Marketing and Sales Relationship

Although they are different subjects there is an overlap of principles but far too many people misunderstand this and think they are selling when actually they are marketing. Understanding the difference is key to sales success.

Customer Segmentation

Learn the principles of how to customers can be segmented and see numerous examples of how other business do thi.s.

Understand Your Customer

The customer is king so understanding their wants, needs and pains is key to offering them the correct solution. After learnt about customer segmentation, we will look at how to apply this to your business and organisation.

Golden Rules of Sales

Applicable to all sales people in all industries.

Sales Process and Formula

We will teach you the easiest, quickest and moth ethical method of learning how to sell to a potential or existing customer.

Handle Objections (Ethically!)

Learn the most commonly used objections and effective tools and tact is to overcome them.

Competitor Differentiation

We will teach you effective ways of analysing your competitors and how you can choose to differentiate from them and how this knowledge is then used to help your sales process.

Sales Techniques 101

This is the ultimate list of principles and tactics to use as and when required when negotiating with your customer over a potential sale.

Close The Sale

So many books have been written about this subject and for us its the most misunderstood and often badly communicated concept. We will teach you how to close the sale in the easiest, simplest and most ethical way.

After Sales Care

This subject, could be called "How to loose your customer forever"! So often ignored, post sales care will make it easier to sell to returning customers.

Many More

Our sales course is the lowest cost course and highest value course of its kind in London. We will teach you so much more than what it listed above.

Course Details

Our courses will always run, so whether just a few people book on or the class is at its capacity of just seven places, by booking on our course you will be guaranteed a course to attend.

The Smallest Class Size in London

With only 7 places available on each course, you will learn far more than the many subjects listed above. You will also get more time working directly with the course teacher working on specific issues you and your organisation face than on any other sales training course in London.

Central London location

We hire rooms and locations in Central London which have easy access from public transport.

Weekend Courses

Our classes usually take place on Saturday mornings between 10-1pm. Occasionally we run course during the week.

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