G.P.Gillespie offers a variety of different solutions beyond our training and consultancy services.

As well as the bespoke one to one training, group training and consultancy services, G.P.Gillespie offer digital marketing solutions for SMEs. These include SEO, Google CPC, Facebook, Facebook CPC and Twitter account management. G.P.Gillespie also offers website creation solutions.

Below is an outline of those services offered by G.P.Gillespie. For more details on these services visit the relevant webpage.


SEO, or "search engine optimisation", is the method of ensuring that certain pages on websites are ranked on search engines. Not only do they want to rank they, ideally, want to rank as high as possible on googles 1st page.

Depending on the type of industry and alongside the level of competition and demand for particular "keywords" this can range in difficulty.

In essence websites need to be optimised for certain keywords and then long term work is done to promote that page to a high position on google.

Google CPC

CPC, or "cost per click" is the method of creating targeted adverts on google so when a potential customer searches for a selected term, an specify advert appears (as highly as possible) on google.

This method of advertising is instant. As soon as an advert and campaign is created, that advert can start appearing on google. So in comparison to SEO, it can be instant but it can also be expensive.


Facebook is another channel which, used correctly, can attract new customers as well as retain and convert existing customers.

Facebook CPC

Facebook also offer a CPC, cost per click, service that enables instant and targeted adverts to appear in front of chose customer types. Although it is a quick way to market to new customers it also has a cost related to it.


Twitter can be used as a tool to share content, attract new customers and engage existing customers.

Website Creation

G.P.Gillespie has created new websites for a variety of different businesses and organisations.