Strategy is quite simply, "The Big How".

A strategy is a clear and concise plan of action needed to reach a particular goal or objective.Whether your aim is to survive a difficult time or grow your organisation to the next level, a clear plan of action is essential.

What you will learn

On our Strategy course, you will learn:

What is Strategy

Understand what strategy is, where it comes from and how it can be applied to your organisation. We will look at examples of strategy in business, politics, sport and the military.

Strategy's Holy Trinity

As coined by Alasdair Campbell, the Holy Trinity of Strategy is a way to make clear decisions ensure full understanding our your overall objectives.

Your capabilities and resources

Key to deciding your overall strategy is to consider what resources and capabilities you have at your disposal or will need in order to achieve your objective.

How to measure your progress

You will be taught key metrics that will enable you to evaluate your progress.

Outside Factors

What factors could derail your plans and how to protect against this.

Your Growth Plan

With a full understanding of strategy in the business sense, you will be able to create a growth plan to achieve your organisations objectives.

Course Details

As always, our courses won't be cancelled. Regardless of how many people are booked on the course it will always run so you can have piece of mind that by booking on one of our courses, you will be attending on of our courses.

The Smallest Class Size in London

It depends on the size of the room we use, but our courses will only ever have a maximum of 8 places available, giving you more time with the tutor.

Central London Location

We hire rooms in central London in areas such as: Waterloo, Canary Wharf, Bloomsbury and Kings Cross.

Weekend Courses

Our courses normally take place at weekends but occasionally we may run a course during the week.

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