AdWords Training

AdWords Training

Join one of our group workshops where you can learn either all the necessary and important aspects of running a Google Adwords campaign. Whether you're new to Google Adwords or you already have an existing campaign running, you're sure to learn something from one of our detailed and informative courses.


GPGillespie offers Adwords training for business owners, entrepreneurs and startups in our group classes and workshops. We offer two different levels of class and we run our Adwords training in two different formats.

Our beginner Adwords training course is ideal for those with limited experience of using Adwords. In fact, we cover all the basic principles of how to use Adwords so delegates won't need to have ever used it before. We will explain all the important factors that are needed to run a successful campaign. We will also show you the step by step process as to how to create and run a campaign so you can get up and running as soon as you get home.

Our intermediate Adwords training course is aimed at those who have some experience of Adwords or those who have a camping up and running. This course will teach you the important factors of how to improve a campaign's performance along with exploring more intermediate and advanced concepts to make a campaign even more successful.

We run our Adwords training courses in two different formats. Either you can join one of our regular workshops, which are open to the general public or we can run one of our workshops for an organisation or event such as the one we will be running at UCL School of Management.

In 2020 GPGillespie is pleased to announce that they are official partners of the British Library and IP Centre in London. This means that we are their exclusive provider of all workshops related to Google Adwords.

There were many other agencies which were vieing to be the provider of these services so we're delighted that as a specialist agency, dedicated to Google adwords alone, we have been given this prestigious position.

Alongside the Google Adwords workshops we run, we also offer two other services for clients who are looking to either start a Google Adwords campaign or are looking to improve their existing campaign.

Our clients either ask us to run their campaigns for them which we offer in the form of our management services. Or clients simply want advice on aspects of Google Adwords and therefore come to us for hourly consultancy services.

Whatever your experience with Google Adwords, we will be able to help you achieve your goals.

For more information about the Adwords training course we run, you can contact us on the number below or you can fill in the form and we will get back to you asap.

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