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GPGillespie are the resident lecturers on Google Adwords for the British Library's Business and IP Centre.

Throughout 2020, GPGillespie will be running their Google Adwords Masterclass as part of the workshops offered to budding entrepreneurs and SMEs alike.

Are you facing some of these Google Adwords challenges?

Google Adwords is NOT suitable for all businesses and many entrepreneurs are unsure whether Google Ads will work for them. Quickly working out if there are enough customers looking for what YOU sell on Google is crucial and there are some surprisingly easy hacks to find this out.

If you’re like many entrepreneurs, you may have hit a plateau with your Google Ads and are frustrated because you know you could do much better but are not sure how or what needs to be fixed.

If you don’t understand how to do a basic analysis of your key competitor’s Adwords campaigns you’ll almost certainly end up trying to reinvent the wheel. You must learn how to do a basic analysis of your competitors Google Ad campaigns so you don’t miss out on opportunities to improve on what they’ve done AND learn from their mistakes.

The Google Ads interface is confusing, designed by geeks and it’s all too easy to make mistakes that will destroy your campaign results without realizing it! Google will help you to set up your Adwords campaigns, but we after hearing feedback from entrepreneurs we don’t recommend it. The unfortunate truth is that Google Ads rewards those who know what they are doing and punishes those that don’t.

All of our London workshops take place at the British Library.

If like most entrepreneurs you lack the technical knowledge and skills to make Google Adwords work, a little knowledge goes a long way. Without some basic training and external guidance it’s very challenging to set up Google Adwords correctly so that you generate new enquiries and leads and improve your campaigns each month. The number of choices and decisions to make when setting up Google Ads correctly can be overwhelming. A poorly set up campaign set up will never give you the results you want.

Course leader, Greg Gillespie, is a serial entrepreneur.

Why did nobody warn me about Google Analytics! Without correctly setting up Google Analytics to track and measure your Ads, it’s impossible to run Google Adwords effectively. Every business is different and your Google Analytics must be set specifically for your website and your business.

It can be a challenge to know how well your Google Adwords campaigns are doing, especially if you only run Ads for your own business! Making decisions that aren’t based on best practice can lead to poorly performing campaigns, missed opportunities and even account suspension. It’s crucial to know how to correctly interpret what you see in your campaign results and make decisions based on the data you see.

If you decide to outsource your Ads to a freelancer or an agency it’s very helpful to have a basic understanding of Google Adwords. This means you can easily measure their work and how well they are doing.

What will you learn during this Google Adwords masterclass?

Greg Gillespie’s step-by-step system to getting more customers using Google Adwords.

1. The Seven Secrets Of Keyword Research – Knowing where to look is key

Find the ideal keyword phrases for your Google Adwords campaigns so you can reach your ideal customers with your Ads. You’ll learn how to find the best keywords for your business using a couple easy hacks that Greg has developed.

2. Set Up Superstar – Start as you mean to go on

Set up a perfect Google Adwords campaign by learning the five critical best practices so Google loves you 😉

Whether you’re a beginner or have some experience, getting your campaigns set up correctly is crucial. You’ll be shown examples of poorly set up campaigns and correctly set up campaigns to help with your learning.

3. Write Google Ads That Convert – The secret ingredient to a successful campaign

Using real life examples, you’ll learn how to write Google Ads that people will click on. Greg will share his copywriting secrets to make your Ads stand out from the crowd.

Greg will show you examples of poorly written Ads versus well-written Ads and difference in results that a well written Ad makes!

4. Campaign management mastery – Understand the 10 key metrics to measure your success

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Greg will share the 10 key metrics you must track every week to see how you’re doing and what you should be aiming for. He’ll share case studies of real campaign results to bring the subject to life.

5. Knowledge Is Power – Learn your competitors deepest secrets!

Don’t reinvent the wheel when doing Ads. Learn how to spy on your competitors Ad campaigns to see what they doing well and what you can improve on. Greg will share his top 3 methods to easily spy on your competitors Ad campaigns. 

6. Advanced Hacks – Leave the competition behind

Greg will share his playbook of advanced Google Ad strategies that have enabled him to build his own businesses and get new enquiries and customers for his clients every month.

These advanced hacks will help you to outperform your competition.

7. Make your website convert better – Learn the golden rules of website conversion

As you spend money on Google Ads and get results you’ll find that you need to make improvements to your website so more of the clicks you pay for convert into enquiries and paying customers!

Greg will share his top ten website conversion rules that have huge differences to the businesses clients he has worked with. These rules are relatively easy to implement.

Due to the COVID-19 issues, the British Library is now closed.

All workshops have been online and will take place on Zoom. 

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