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We offer consultancy services with our MD Greg Gillespie for a wide range of client needs. From those who are looking to solve problems in their organisations to those who are looking to grow and expand. Whether its a short, medium or long term focus, we offer a varety of different consultancy packages that will help clients achieve their business goals.

All clients can start by booking an initial free consultation which is beneficial for both parties. From the customers point of view they get to explain the what it is they are looking for and see if we are the right organisation to help them but without any financial commitment.

An initial consultation is also important from our perspective as it enables us to see if we would be able to help the client with their needs.
Business is about people and an initial consultation gives both parties the chance to see if working together is the right solution for all concerned.
You can see from just some of the testimonials on our site that we have helped a number of businesses and organisations, across a variety of sectors, with their marketing problems and plans. Those listed on the site are happy to provide more specific references to any prospective customer should that be required.

There are also numerous customers who booked an initial consolation with who we felt it wouldn't be right for us to work with, for a variety of different reasons, so anyone booking a consultation can be assured that it won't be a sales pitch. We only want to work with clients whom we can help, deliver value and create success for both parties.

After all, your success will result in our success.......

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