Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan

Fail to plan, plan to fail.

Marketing is about attracting new customers to your organisation alongside trying to retain existing customers with your products and services.

Its simple in its objective, but a lot of business owners and managers often find it quite overwhelming with all of the different types of customers they want to attract and retain and with so many different ways of doing this. Most importantly it also has to be cost effective.

Other posts I have already written and will write in the future will address the essential detail necessary to evaluate who your customer is, what products and services they want or need and how it is that you go about communicated with them. In marketing terms this is known as "Market-Message-Media".

In this post I am going to assume that this detailed analysis has been done so they next thing to do is to write a plan.

A marketing plan can be done in different ways but I advise my clients to do it based on a forecasting approach and using a calendar as a template. By doing this, Marketing becomes proactive rather than reactive and an effective plan and strategy is in place based on the future dates or events that have been chosen to promote.

Proactive - Reactive

Far too many business owners get into the rut of sort term or even what I called "immediate" vision when it comes to marketing. They're so busy doing everything that it goes to the back of the list of things to do and then, when they do get around to doing it, it becomes a reactive short term decision. Although this is better than doing nothing, it is far from ideal.

Calendar Approach

By basing your future marketing efforts around forward planning and specific dates and events you can work backwards from those points and put in place a clear plan of action to market to your new or existing customers.

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