Knightsbridge Fencing Club
Adult and Children's Fencing School

Struggling to manage your accounts? Know you’ve got the core of a good business but seem to be stuck in the mud in terms of expanding it? That’s the exact position I found myself in when I asked Greg to help out. He very quickly identified key aspects of our customer segment that we had neglected and worked in a clear and actionable marketing plan to re-position the company in light of this.

As company director of a fencing club I will avoid the obvious clichés about rapier-like precision, but suffice it to say that Greg’s  financial acumen transformed our fortunes and gave us a solid plan that allowed us to map out our future with a clear and workable vision. Accounts were streamlined and with key performance indicators in place, we were free to do what we do best. I strongly you advise you to let Mr Gillespie do what he does best. You won’t regret it.