If we're not moving forward, the problem is that our competitors might be......


It was Charles Darwin who said that the species who survives is the one most adaptable to change, not the smartest or the quickest. This is why business owners, leaders and managers have to ensure that they are constantly developing their own skills and ensuring those around them do the same.

G.P.Gillespie offers training and development solutions in the form of one to one packages to group training across areas such as: Marketing, Sales, Financial Management and Strategy.

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  • Consultancy


    Whether you have a problem to fix or plans of growth and expansion, my consultancy services can help you achieve…

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  • Group Training

    Group Training

    I offer group training to those who are interested in any of the existing training packages I offer. Training is…

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  • One to One Training

    One to One Training

    I offer private "one to one" training in Sales, Marketing, Financial Management and Strategy for individuals who are interested in…

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  • Marketing Training

    Marketing Training

    Marketing is the art of promoting your business products and services to specific targeted customers in order to attract attention,…

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