Knightsbridge Fencing Club
Adult and Children's Fencing School

Struggling to manage your accounts? Know you’ve got the core of a good business but seem to be stuck in the mud in terms of expanding it? That’s the exact position I found myself in when I asked Greg to help out. He very quickly identified key aspects of our customer segment that we had neglected and worked in a clear and actionable marketing plan to re-position the company in light of this.

As company director of a fencing club I will avoid the obvious clichés about rapier-like precision, but suffice it to say that Greg’s  financial acumen transformed our fortunes and gave us a solid plan that allowed us to map out our future with a clear and workable vision. Accounts were streamlined and with key performance indicators in place, we were free to do what we do best. I strongly you advise you to let Mr Gillespie do what he does best. You won’t regret it.

Toads and Tiaras
Luxury Bespoke Children's Events

Having set up my own business organising and running children’s parties in 2002 I know how difficult it is to get start-ups off the ground. Sustaining early success is even trickier. A good idea backed by hard work and enthusiasm is only going to work if the business principles underpinning the project are sound.

Greg understands this completely and has been an invaluable arrow in my business quiver. I first came across him when he was giving a business lecture and following on from that I booked him for a free one-on-one consultation. He wanted to know exactly how my business worked and whether or not we would be a “good fit”. In no way did it feel like the typical sales pitch.

We both agree strongly that business is about people and having the right personal dynamic is essential in any successful relationship.

His clear thinking and forensic attention to detail in all elements of the business has been of immense benefit to my company. Whether it is in sales, marketing or strategy, Greg has helped us focus and grow in all areas and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him. He will do the same for your company, whatever stage it is at. After all, whatever success we may have had in the past, we all need help from time to time!

Roz, Founder and Director
Online Specialist Surveillance Retailer

It may seem ridiculous that a company dedicated to selling GPS devices and tracking equipment wasn’t particularly good at identifying our own path in terms of progression, but that’s the position we found ourselves in. We were rolling along well enough and sales were good but they could have been better. As Greg pointed out in our initial free consultation, failing to plan for the next stage is death to a business. Fortunately for us we had found the right guy to help us create that plan.

Forensic analysis of our sales identified areas that we could expand into and crucially, areas in which our direct competition were ahead of us. This allowed us to formulate a business plan that targeted these specific paths to growth, whilst also ensuring that we continued to thrive in the areas we were already going well in. Greg gave us first-class, bespoke assistance and I do not hesitate to recommend him for your business, whatever it may be.

He doesn’t try and re-invent the wheel or encumber you with complicated and alien strategy, he simply learns the strengths and weaknesses of the company. From there he works with you to finds ways of re-structuring existing marketing plans and target new areas for growth. By playing to what are already strengths, Greg allowed us to maximise our potential and realise far more ambitious targets than we might otherwise have done. Whatever your direction of travel, you should allow him to do the same for you. 

Mr. John Fraser, CEO
Edyta Lajdorf
Classical Musician

Greg has helped me with taking my private teaching career to the next level. I have spent a few years unsuccessfully advertising and also struggled to identify my unique selling points. Thanks to Greg, I was able get to know my customers and their needs, put a marketing plan together to attract more clients and come up with new products and services to benefit my current clients and attract the potential ones.
When I first came to Greg I thought that I just needed help with marketing, but during our consultancy sessions he helped me with other problems I was facing in my business. In particular, he helped overcome my fear of talking about money, understanding the value of my services and learning how to satisfy my clients without loosing my values and passions as an artist.

Piano Lessons London

Edyta Lajdorf, Classical Musician