Why Choose GPGillespie

Why Choose G.P.Gillespie


No Contracts!
Unlike other marketing agencies, we don't ask customers to sign any contracts. We believe that the quality of our work should be the only thing needed to retain customers.


Boutique Agency
As a small agency we can offer our customers unrivalled attention and quality of service from highly experienced marketers to help them get the best possible ROI.


Fair and Transparent Pricing
Unlike other agencies, we have a simple, fair and transparent system when it comes to pricing our services. At no point will our customers every be paying over the odds.


Our Success, Comes From Our Customers Success
Because we don't ask clients to sign contracts and as a result of being a small agency, our success comes from ensuring our customers are a success.

Our History

Whilst I am pleased to say that I have experienced business success, I can honestly say it is some of my business failures that taught me the most valuable lessons.

I started my first business aged 21 years old and all these years later, its still going. I also started other businesses during that time, most of which were failures but from which I lean red many valuable and if sometimes expensive lessons.

My real business training came from the years I had running my own business, managing up to 11 staff, being in charge of all areas and having to start and grow everything myself. I also put a huge emphasis on training my own staff the importance skills and techniques I now teach to paying customers.

My academic qualifications are from the London School of Business and Finance where I studied numerous finance qualifications and as a participant on the Goldman Sachs 10,000 small businesses program. Delivered by UCL, it was the 10ksb program that changed everything for me. After that course my business grew until the point where I was ready to sell it and move onto pastures new.

It was during this time that I started mentoring other aspiring entrepreneurs and start ups and from there I acquired numerous private consulting clients. As well as starting new businesses myself I spend more and more team teaching other business owners the skills I've learnt along the way.

our profile

  • Variety of Services  Choose from a number of ways of learning Customer can join our open workshops, book private training to hire G.P.Gillepsie for consultancy work. Whatever you're interested in, G.P.Gillespie has a solution that rights for you.
  • Flexible cost Choose from a variety of different financial options Our workshops are our lowest cost service to learn new skills but we also offer a variety of different and flexible packages for those interested in consultancy or one to one training.