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The Sales Charlatan

The Sales Charlatan What is the difference between a salesman and a charlatan? In a word: Everything! The world of sales can have a bad reputation. Usually caused by what I call a Charlatan, someone who pretends to be something their not. They do things for their own benefit, usually financial, at the expense of…
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Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar is The Salesman's Salesman His accent may be slightly strange and his stories and jokes may be out of date, but his understanding and principles of sales are timeless. Zig Ziglar passed away in November 2012 but his lessons on selling and sales techniques will go on and on. Zig was the first…
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What is Strategy?

What is Strategy? Strategy is "the big how" He may be a controversial figure and he may not immediately spring to mind when one thinks about the word "strategy" (I'm sure a lot of people think of other words to describe him) but Alasdair Campbell's understanding of what strategy is and its importance, in my…
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Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan Fail to plan, plan to fail. Marketing is about attracting new customers to your organisation alongside trying to retain existing customers with your products and services. Its simple in its objective, but a lot of business owners and managers often find it quite overwhelming with all of the different types of customers they…
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